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Shakespeare in the Park

So excited to be a part of this summer’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream with Optimist Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park.

Cudahy Carolers Say ‘Farewell’ … For Now

“The Cudahy Carolers have given Milwaukee theater-goers some fantastic memories over the years. Asked what they recall from shows past, Chris Flieller shared one of his favorite stories. “The second season we did the show, a group of ladies from the then-Cudahy Mayor’s office ordered a group of tickets. They had seen the show the year before and loved it. Though the Mayor himself was dead-set against going, believing the show was nothing more than a detriment to Cudahy and its citizens, they managed to drag him along. So there he sat in the front row, slouched down, arms folded across his chest. The show started. Within ten minutes, he was sitting straight, leaning forward with tears streaming down his face from laughing so hard.” That’s the kind of reaction that so many audiences have had over the years. But as Chris himself put so eloquently, “It’s time to hang up the choir robe and ride off into the sunset, under a Polish moon.”

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In Tandem’s Trip to the Holidays with ‘Cudahy Carolers’

Russ Bickerstaff of the Shepherd Express’s ExpressMilwaukee.com reviews A Cudahy Caroler’s Christmas!

“More than simply novelty parodies of Christmas songs, the music is animated by a soul and reaches profound depth in places.”

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‘A Cudahy Caroler Christmas’ serves holiday cheer with a beer frame

Jim Higgins of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reviews A Cudahy Caroler’s Christmas!

“In its beer-friendly, duckpin-lovin’ way, “A Cudahy Caroler Christmas” brings a message of hope for the holidays:

You don’t have to live in a fancy ZIP code or speak with a posh accent, ya der hey, to dream big.”

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Ladies lead the way in the hilarious “Cudahy Caroler” at In Tandem

This season’s A Cudahy Caroler Christmas is a hit with OnMilwaukee.com’s Dave Begel!

“They did it for the ninth time, and the final show belonged to the all the girls.

For the ninth and last time, In Tandem Theatre Company opened the perennial holiday favorite “A Cudahy Caroler Christmas” over Thanksgiving weekend.”

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