Full Cast Announced for A JOLLY HOLIDAY!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fundraiser

Emojiland Cast Photo

These fabulous people just finished the first week of rehearsals together for Emojiland the Musical the First National Tour!

Please visit for ticket and tour information!

June 3-5, 2022
Columbus, OH
CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, Southern Theater

June 10 – 12, 2022
Hartford, CT
The Bushnell, Mortensen Hall

June 14 – 19, 2022
Boston, MA
Boch Center, Shubert Theatre

June 21 – 26, 2022
Philadelphia, PA
Kimmel Cultural Campus, Miller Theater



Michael C. Brown (@dontcrossagayman) (he/him) – as SKULL 💀
Allyson Gishi (@ally_gishi) (she/her) – as a SWING 🎭
Dahlya Glick (@oprahwinfreckle) (they/them) – as PERSON IN BUSINESS SUIT LEVITATING🕴
Christopher Hobson (@christopherchobson) (he/they) – as SUNNY 😎
Sarah Isola (@sarah.isola) (she/her) – as SMIZE 😊
Steven Klenk (@stevenklenk) (he/him) – as PRINCE 🤴
Jaden Dominique Lewis (@jaden.dominique) (she/her) – as CONSTRUCTION WORKER 👷‍♀️
Keith Mankowski (@bbkct) (he/him) – as GUARDSPERSON💂‍♂️
Oshie Mellon (@fairy_princess_oshie) (she/her) – as KISSY FACE 😘
Sheridan Mirador (@sheridanamirador) (he/him) – as NERD FACE 🤓
Gina Morgigno (@Gina_Morgigno) (she/her) – as PRINCESS 👸
Maeghin Mueller (@maeghinksings) (she/her) – as PILE OF POO 💩
Zachary A. Myers (@zacharyamyers) (they/she) – as POLICE OFFICER 👮‍♀️
Samantha N. Sostarich (@angelsamui) (she/her) – as a SWING 🎭
Andrew Tufano (@andrew.tufano) (he/him) – as PERSON DANCING 🕺
Alana Walker (@lovely_alana02) (she/her) – as PERSON DANCING 💃
Eustace J. Williams (@blessedisejw) (he/him) – as a SWING 🎭


You can come see us in a city near you!

🎟 June 3-5, 2022 – Southern Theatre at Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (Columbus, OH) (@capacolumbus)

🎟 June 10-12, 2022 – Mortensen Hall at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts (Hartford, CT) (@thebushnell)

🎟 June 14-19, 2022 – Shubert Theatre at The Boch Center (Boston, MA) (@bochcenter)

🎟 June 21-26, 2022 – Miller Theatre at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA) (@kimmelculturalcampus)

And more to be announced! 👀


Emojiland the Musical! the Tour Callback!

In an exciting surprise I’ve made it to the first round of callbacks for “Emojiland the Musical!” the Tour! The amazing team at Emojiland has encouraged us to share our excitement. FINGERS CROSSED!

Peace, Thumbs Up, Pound, Okay, High Five!

Follow the tour hashtag to see amazing/talented/inspiring people on a journey to a dream! #emojilandtour

The Skylight Sings: A Holiday Special – Reviews

“Samantha Sostarich is at the top of her vocal prowess with “Hard Candy Christmas” from the Broadway hit, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The familiar Skylight performer has never sounded better. (But place your bets now that she will once we all come back to the theater.)” – Harry Cherkinian,
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“A personal favorite is the quiet, reflective “Hard Candy Christmas,” (performed by Samantha Sostarich) from the Broadway show, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Sostarich’s glittering green dress is also the best outfit among the holiday-themed attire worn by the cast.” – Anne Segel,
Read the Full Review HERE

Skylight Sings: A Holiday Special is full of “big singing voices” and “musical comedy oomph!” – Dominique Paul Noth,
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“Skylight’s ‘Holiday Special’ wraps fresh songs and comedy in a nostalgic package” – Jim Higgins,
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Surprise, a UPAF Video Appearance

The Skylight Music Theatre and our production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee were happy to make an appearance in the United Performing Arts Fund promotional video for the 2020 fundraising campaign.

Skylight’s “Spelling Bee” is F-U-N

Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Journal Sentinel writes Skylight Music Theatre turns ‘Spelling Bee’ into a day of laughter

Gwendolyn Rice says Skylight’s “Spelling Bee” is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.
“Bizarre color commentary is provided by saccharine local realtor and bee alum Rona Peretti (Samantha Sostarich, complete with the fake smile of a beauty pageant contestant).”

Anne Segel of the Shepherd Express reviews that Skylight’s ‘Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ Gets an A!
“The cast members who play the adult roles include Skylight favorite Samantha Sostarich as a former spelling bee champ who serves as a judge; Robby McGhee as a somewhat unstable vice principal from a neighboring school, also a judge; and Shawn Holmes as a paroled convict who consoles the contest losers as part of his public service. All three actors double and sometimes triple their roles, displaying their versatility as artists.”

CTM’s Matilda the Musical is a Hit!

Reviewer Gwendolyn Rice says ““Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical” harnesses all of CTM’s abundant talent” and is a “sensational dystopia”.

“As Matilda’s equally horrifying mother, Samantha Sostarich is deliciously shallow, in gaudy hot pink and lime dresses (accessorized with pink glittery high heels!). Obsessed with winning ballroom dance contests and looking glamorous while she does it, Sostarich’s Mrs. Wormwood is aided by her sultry, faux Italian partner, Rudolpho (the suave Sam Taylor). Her brash, coarse ideology is perfectly on display in her personal anthem, “Loud.””

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WE ARE GREEN BAY’s Warren Gerds Reviews LA LA LUCILLE’S Sold-Out Opening Night

“… an astounding re-imagining …”

“… all cylinders are go with this cast …”

“… great stuff in so many ways … ”

“The opening night audience latched on to the performers’ level of exhilaration and erupted in standing cheers and applause at the end.”

” Samantha Sostarich brims with energy and full-on expression as Lucille. She launches a HUGE note to end one number.”

(Read the full review HERE.)

LA LA LUCILLE runs through September 1st, Wed – Sat @ 7:30 and Sun @ 2:00.

ORDER TIX at or call 920.743.1760 (T – F / noon – 5).