A Holiday Show that’s more Naughty than Nice!

Another great review for In Tandem Theatre’s “Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams”!

“In the role of Granny (a Minnie Pearl lookalike complete with price tag dangling from her hideous-looking hat), Samantha Sostarich nearly steals the show. Her bawdy jokes get even bolder as the evening continues. For instance, she sings her own lyrics, “Granny’s Pants Are A-Comin’ on Down,” to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”” – Anne Siegel, ShepherdExpress.com

“Holiday Hell” is a Hit!

The first reviews are in and “Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams” is a hit!

“A word has to be said about Sostarich who is rapidly building a reputation as one of the funniest female actors in town. She seems to be able to get into a depth of every character she plays and finds the funny bone just waiting to be tickled. Watching her play the dirty granny, the pleading newsboy and the sultry seductress of Benny is a treat worth an entire evening.” – Dave Begel, OnMilwaukee.com (You can read the full review here.)

“Nothing in this show is sacred. Which, in this season of saccharine and sugar plums, can be exhilarating. An equal opportunity offender, “Holiday Hell” deconstructs all the hype, freeing one to actually think for oneself about the reason for the season.” – Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (You can read the full review here.)

Victory for Victoria – From the Critics…

From the Critics…

“’Victoria’ brings into the light — and makes one want to know more about — an intriguing historical figure who deserves far more attention than she gets.”
-Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Three of Milwaukee’s best and most interesting young women actors were in the cast. Allie Babich, Katy Johnson and the splendid Samantha Sostarich all commanded the stage…Alissa Rhode’s music was played on piano, cello and violin, and provided a smooth and sensitive backdrop for the songs…and Joel Kopischke once again proves that when you need someone to sing and dance and play a sleazy dissolute old man, he is the guy to call. His voice is wonderful, and his manner and appearance make you want to dig into your pocket to give him bus fare to the nearest rehabilitation center.”
-Dave Begel, onmilwaukee.com

Skylight’s ‘Violet’ Opens with a Rave Review!

Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Journal Sentinel, loved Skylight Music Theatre’s opening of ‘Violet and every cast member received a shout out in her review!

“Samantha Sostarich delivers polished, strong performances as and old lady and a hotel hooker, with Robby McGhee and Ryan Stajmiger providing colorful supporting performances.”

You can read the whole review here.

‘Royal Hilarity’

Gwendolyn Rice from The Isthmus calls Four Seasons Theatre’s Spamalot “Royal Hilarity – “Spamalot” captures the irreverent spirit of Monty PythonRoyal hilarity”

“Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek’s gorgeous baritone as Sir Galahad is a great match for his duet partner, Samantha Sostarich and her killer soprano as the Lady of the Lake. One almost wishes they had a standard love song to sing instead of the ironic tongue-in-cheek number “The Song that Goes Like This.” Brassy and bold, Sostarich is a powerhouse, and as she states over and over in the musical, it’s a shame her character doesn’t have more stage time.”

Read the full review here.

Four Seasons’ ‘Spamalot’ brings the sunshine

Aaron R. Conklin of Madison Magazine says “Four Seasons’ ‘Spamalot’ brings the sunshine”!

“Most of the songs are designed to caustically tweak the conventions of Broadway musicals—numbers like “The Song That Goes like This,” a song that finds Christian Smith-Kotlarek’s manly Sir Galahad and Samantha Sostarich’s diva-esque Lady of the Lake deconstructing the beats of the stereotypically sweeping romantic anthem. Both of them have powerful soaring voices, making this one of the show’s high points.”

Read the full review here.

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Rave Reviews for Pirates of Penzance

Check out these rave reviews of
Pirates of Penzance!

“Comic delight” — BroadwayWorld.com

“In this absolutely riveting production of humor, robust personalities, memorable music and heartfelt pleasure arrive wrapped up in this merry band of Pirates and seven modern maidens.” – Peggy Sue Dunigan

Read the review here.

“Thrilled and delighted” — Shepherd Express

“This high-velocity production had all the trappings of a Broadway musical comedy.” – Steve Spice

Read the review here.

“Spot-on, wildly funny” — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Skylight’s production strikes a perfect balance of storytelling, fine singing, physical comedy, and outright silliness.” – Elaine Schmidt

Read the review here.

Fox 6 Wakeup and Real Milwaukee Visited The Pirates of Penzance

Swashbuckling and singing — what more could you want?! Brian Kramp spent the morning at Skylight Music Theatre with more on the Pirates of Penzance.

First he learned a little about how to be a pirate from the Pirate King.

Next the Modern Major General discussed fast paced word play.

Brian and I then talked about props and what the Major General’s Daughters like to do for fun.

Time to meet our lovebirds, Mabel and Fredrick, and teach everyone how to dance like dolls.

Our Dance Captain, Stephanie, gives a lesson on how to dance like the constables.

Skylight’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’ the very model of perfect silliness

Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Journal Sentinel, loved Skylight’s Pirates of Penzance!

“Directed by Shawna Lucey and conducted by music director Robert Linder, Skylight’s production strikes a perfect balance of storytelling, fine singing, physical comedy and outright silliness. It looks and feels as though it was carefully thought out and thoroughly rehearsed before someone told the cast to have a blast.”

“The strong performances continue through supporting cast members Nathan Wesselowski as Samuel, Susan Wiedmeyer as Edith, Samantha Sostarich as Kate, Kaylee Annable as Isabel, Martin Lowen Poock as the Sergeant of Police, and a vigorous ensemble of ten singer/actors.”

To read the full review click here.