Pump Boys and Dinettes

New Photos

I’ve updated my gallery to include photos from Pump Boys and Dinettes!

Fox 6 Wake Up Preview of Pump Boys and Dinettes

Fox 6 Wake Up came to visit us on Highway 57!

Director Bill Theisen discusses Pump Boys and Dinettes.

Jim welcomes Laura and introduces our title song.

Laura learns to play the coffee pot as an honorary Dinette.

Have a taste of the Menu Song, featuring Rhetta and Prudie Cupp.

A Taste of Pump Boys and Dinettes

Are you ready for a little taste of Pump Boys and Dinettes?

Photo Shoot Day

We were having a great time at the Pump Boys and Dinettes photo shoot today!

Fashion doesn’t take a break when faced with hard work!

Prudie and Lorhetta Cupp often try to brighten up dish-duty with fun rubber gloves. Can you guess which gloves belong to which sister?

Pink Kicks

I have been tickled pink by the shoes I wear as Prudie Cupp. Pink high tops! (With a hidden wedge for extra sass.)

The Double Cupp Diner

The Pump Boys’ filling station and the Cupp Sisters’ Diner, off of Highway 57, are coming together nicely on the Cabot stage. Curious about what you will be seeing when you come? Here is our designer, Brandon Ribordy’s, rendering.

Date Night

Are you looking for a fun evening? Why not a date night that begins with delicious food and continues on at the Skylight Music Theatre to see Pump Boys and Dinettes?

Sisters with a menu to fill a man up!

While rehearsing “Pump Boys and Dinettes” I’ve been thinking about films and tv shows featuring waitresses and pies. Maybe I need to update my Netflix queue?

Pump Boys and Dinettes First Rehearsal

We had a wonderful first day of rehearsal. The number of musical instruments that our cast is playing for the show is pretty impressive. Electric bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass, recorder, saxophone, auto-harp, piano, accordion, tambourine, rhythm sticks, cowbell, and whatever we can make into a percussion instrument!