Kohl’s Wild Theater

KWT on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee

88.9 Radio Milwaukee attended a community performance of Kohl’s Wild Theater’s “KWT Jamboree” and interviewed the company about its mission.

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“Interactive production puts kids’ STEM skills to the test”

Another article about The Congo Code, the newest play offered by Kohl’s Wild Theater!

“I love when the students are whispering to each other ‘I got it!’ because that means they’re involved,” actress Lindsey Gagliano said.

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KWT’s “Congo Code” Reviews are In

Kohl’s Wild Theater’s newest offering, “The Congo Code” has opened with great reviews.

“Kids are smart. The Congo Code fully engages that intelligence in a way that’s fun and engrossing.” – Russ Bickerstaff

Click here to read the full review from ExpressMilwaukee.com.

Fox 6 Wakeup Visits Kohl’s Wild Theater for a Preview

Chip Brewster interviews Dave McLellan and meets Lil’ Dude the bonobo puppet.

Chip learns about The Congo Code’s technical aspects.

A preview of a scene from The Congo Code.

Chip interviews Megan Kaminsky and previews another scene from The Congo Code.

Fox 6 Wakeup Visits Kohl’s Wild Theatre

Megan Kaminsky and I sing a little from “The Legend of Hibernacula”.

Laura Learns how to be a pirate from Emmitt Morgans!

Laura is invited to add her own artistic touch to our newly painted stage.

Kohl’s Wild Theater on Fox 6 Wake Up News

“Identical Twins” number from “The Wonderful Lizard of ooZ”

I teach Laura how to puppeteer our leopard shark while I sing “I’m Feeling Strange” from “Dr. McGhee Learns About the Sea”.

The cast performs “Go, Go, Go” from “Journey to the Rich Coast”.

Kohl’s Wild Theater Summer 2013

Kohl’s Wild Theater’s 3rd summer at the Milwaukee County Zoo is beginning! Join us Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, 7 days a week, 4 shows a day. We will also be performing at Summerfest and the Wisconsin State Fair. Our 15 minute shows include puppets, singing, and fun audience participation for the whole family.

Shows are performed in the Family Farm at:
10:15 am
1:45 pm
3:30 pm