May 2016

Fox 6 Wakeup and Real Milwaukee Visited The Pirates of Penzance

Swashbuckling and singing — what more could you want?! Brian Kramp spent the morning at Skylight Music Theatre with more on the Pirates of Penzance.

First he learned a little about how to be a pirate from the Pirate King.

Next the Modern Major General discussed fast paced word play.

Brian and I then talked about props and what the Major General’s Daughters like to do for fun.

Time to meet our lovebirds, Mabel and Fredrick, and teach everyone how to dance like dolls.

Our Dance Captain, Stephanie, gives a lesson on how to dance like the constables.

Skylight’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’ the very model of perfect silliness

Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Journal Sentinel, loved Skylight’s Pirates of Penzance!

“Directed by Shawna Lucey and conducted by music director Robert Linder, Skylight’s production strikes a perfect balance of storytelling, fine singing, physical comedy and outright silliness. It looks and feels as though it was carefully thought out and thoroughly rehearsed before someone told the cast to have a blast.”

“The strong performances continue through supporting cast members Nathan Wesselowski as Samuel, Susan Wiedmeyer as Edith, Samantha Sostarich as Kate, Kaylee Annable as Isabel, Martin Lowen Poock as the Sergeant of Police, and a vigorous ensemble of ten singer/actors.”

To read the full review click here.

Pirates of Penzance is Open!

Skylight Music Theatre’s Pirates of Penzance enjoyed an exciting opening!

Reviews are already coming in.

“The moments were memorable, including one in particular between Benjamin Robinson, who played Frederic and Samantha Sostarich, who played Kate, one of the sisters. Robinson is on the lookout for a woman and slides backward into the unsuspecting and unwilling arms of Sostarich. He leans back and her angst at being trapped was a powerful moment of high comedy.” – Dave Begel,

Skylight Closes Season with Pro-Woman ‘Pirates of Penzance’

Check out this article by Amanda Sullivan for the Shepherd Express about Skylight Music Theatre’s season closer.

“New York City-based American theater and opera director Shawna Lucey will make her Skylight debut as stage director of Pirates of Penzance.

‘When Viswa Subbaraman, Skylight Music Theatre’s artistic director, called me about directing Pirates of Penzance as a kind of feminist or pro-woman piece, I laughed and thought, ‘I don’t know about all that now,’” says Lucey. “But then the more I dug into the text, the more I was able to find that the women in the piece are very strong. There’s a second title to the piece, The Slave of Duty, and in my staging you’ll see that the men are slaves to their duty. The women are the ones who can bend the rules for themselves so that they can reach happiness.'”

Read the full article here.

Skylight’s Pirates of Penzance visit The Morning Blend

Andrew Varela, Ryan Charles, and Christopher Elst were hilarious on the morning news! Catch this great performance from a couple of our pirates and get your tickets for Pirates of Penzance at Skylight Music Theatre which opens before you know it.

You can visit the full website here.