January 2019

Two Reviews In and NINE is SOLD OUT

Guide (Timothy J Barnes) and Carla (Samantha Sostarich); photo by Traveling Lemur Productions

Nine is SOLD OUT for the run! But what did reviewers have to say?

  • by Karisa Langlo for Milwaukee Magazine

    8) Ridiculousness shines in good execution: the dancing.
    Similarly, the cast’s dancing chops highlighted the production’s comedic ethos by being good. Carla’s (Samantha Sostarich) burlesque-inspired performance in “A Call from the Vatican” and Sarraghina’s (also Marcee Doherty-Elst) in “Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian” seemed to critique the genre while simultaneously mastering it, bringing sexual undertones to the phrase “tongue in cheek.” It’s clear we’re laughing with the cast (and the characters!), not at them, a clarity that comes from an artful performance.

  • By Catherine Jozwik for Wisconsin Theater Spotlight

    The director’s resilient and tough, yet supportive, wife Luisa (a wonderful performance by Rae Elizabeth Pare, Bonny Anne Bonny; Don’t Do the Crime) recognizes his genius, but has had it with his wandering eye and intense work and erratic sleep schedules. His lover, the sexy Carla (seductively played by Samantha Sostarich of Hairspray and Boeing Boeing who even employed a bit of burlesque dancing in the production), is pressuring him to divorce his wife so he can be with her.

    Footlights Interviews Theater RED about “Nine”

    “NINE the Musical, presented by Theater RED
     is THIS WEEKEND ONLY at Sunset Playhouse‘s studio theater.

    Director Eric Welch-Streisand, along with performers Marcee Doherty-ElstSamantha Sostarich, and Rae Elizabeth Pare give us the inside scoop on this women powered production!”

    Read the full article HERE.

    Meet the Mistress

    Theater RED writes:

    Sexy, smart, but naive, Carla (Samantha Sostarich) plays a colorful role in Guido’s life as the woman who intends to battle for him, no matter the cost. She sees only what she wants to see in Guido: the passionate lover and artistic genius. To her, things should be simple, but Guido’s tumultuous mind is anything but. “Simple are the ways of love. Simple as the touch of another’s hands. Simple enough for anyone to understand, but you,” she sings to him.

    One weekend only (Jan 25, 26, 27) at the Studio Theater at Sunset Playhouse! Call 262-782-4430 or go online for tickets pronto and “Be Italian” with us next weekend!

    Photo/video credit: Traveling Lemur Productions, LLC