Bsa Recharter Agreement

The name of your executive officer must be indicated in the upper left corner of the first page of your charter renewal. The executive officer is the head of the outreach organization and is sometimes called an institutional director. Examples of executives could be the Rotary President, the Chief Priest/Pastor, the Commander of the American Legion Post, etc. The Executive Director is also responsible for the selection of the Charter Representative (Cor). The CoR is the liaison between the charter organization and the Scout Unit. Instead of signing the executive official, the Charter representative can sign the Charter documents. The 2020-2021 Charter Renewal Manual is your guide to the annual rechartation process. With the support of your Unit Commissioner, this book guides your unit step by step in the reincarnation of your unit. What is a charter? In the BSA, a charter authorizes an organization to operate BSA locator units. It certifies the agreement between a chartered organization – an organization that agrees to use scouting as part of its service to youth – and the Boy Scouts of America who have expectations about the quality of the program to be delivered.

The exhibition of a charter is one of the oldest traditions of scouting. Did you miss the last Recharter update? You will find all our emails and videos below: RELAX. Unit Recharter has gained a reputation for being difficult… But it is not necessary. You`ll find all the recharter update videos in this playlist on our Council`s YouTube account. Your unit`s new charter will be presented in our Council office until November 30. If you need help, we have commissioners who are present at the Fickett Center the following days/hours to help, answer questions and check if your new charter is complete: Click here to find out, step by step, how to complete the recharging process. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) issue a charter through a local council to a Chartered Organization (the Church or any other organization that owns your unit). The Charter is a formal agreement that allows the organization to use the scouting program to serve youth in their communities. The BSA requires that the Charter be renewed annually so that it can continue to use the program. We call this annual renewal “Chartering.” The deadline for filing documents for our Council office is November 30, 2020.

This gives our Registrar enough time to verify the bid and ensure that it is ready for processing on January 1. A quick and efficient completion depends on your unit`s ability to quickly collect information and fees, collect signatures and activate everything. What`s going on at the Recharter? Basically, you say to BSA: I have problems accessing the online charter system Who can contact me for certain questions? Talk to your unit manager (UC) or charter renewal point (POC) in your district for assistance with charter renewal. Here is a list of district POCs. If you use an email, send a copy to: Units should plan to connect to the Internet relocnage system and perform the following tasks: The following forms are available to assist units in the relocing process. If you are reading this, you have probably been asked to re-charter your unit and are full of questions. You can also be a little anxious and ask yourself, “What did I imagine in the world?” because everyone was so relieved when you agreed to do it.