Contract Manufacturing Service Agreement

· SE to provide and define the final destination of FG delivery. The FG is cited under Ex Factory-Term, SE will be charged for local handling, freight, import tax, local stamp duty, insurance, transit charge, storage (hubbing) and local customs clearance for the final destination. SE to pay Jabil to provide such a service with fees, and do not have to do with third parties in between, if any. 1.22 NRE costs are the engineering, testing, fixing and tool costs set out in the work declaration for the products concerned, which are attached to Schedule 1. A contract manufacturer or employee could steal the intellectual property and use it for its own property or sell it to another unit. If the product does not meet legal requirements, harms its users or has excessive use of the warranty, the procedure or recall costs may be high. The contract must deal with all the remedies that one party can obtain from the other party if these situations arise. 1.14 “Jabil Created Intellectual Property”: all discoveries, inventions, technical information, processes, manufacturing or other processes, software, firmware, technologies, know-how or other intellectual property rights that have been created or developed and that have been reduced to practice by or for Jabil in the provision of manufacturing services; must not, however, contain intellectual property from the Jabil background. · Any update to the product review is subject to royalties by specification and is agreed in writing by both parties based on costs. The product upgrade is considered a paid RMA. The RMA for this type is considered a shipment, and Jabil calculates the additional costs, not the total cost of the product, and with ExW`s Incoterm, SE is responsible for the cost of delivery per standard product. 21.3 Amendment.

There is no valid transaction between the parties to amend, modify or amend a provision of this agreement. This agreement cannot be amended, amended or amended in any way, unless the contracting party against which this amendment is applied signs the electronic treaty. Subject to the provisions of this section 21.3, contracting parties may, from time to time, enter into additional written arrangements to add provisions or amend the rights and obligations of the parties under this agreement or schedule. Such a complementary written agreement, implemented by the parties, binds the contracting parties. 1.3 “construction plan” or “order” refers to a production plan provided in writing to Jabil by the company indicating the product to be produced, including the quantity of each product, its description and part number, shipping instructions and the requested delivery date. Manufacturing can be extremely expensive. Companies must acquire land and build buildings or acquire an existing production site and adapt it to their needs. You must order and install large machines, purchase handling equipment and identify and order deliveries. Companies can bypass all this preparatory work by outsourcing the manufacture of their products to a wage manufacturer. A well-considered contract agreement is essential to the success of the relationship. An essential element of a manufacturing contract is the one that retains the rights to the construction of the product — the manufacturer or its customer.

The decision may depend on one or the other or the need to adapt the design to its manufacturing processes. These contracts also contain repayment guidelines. For example, one contract cannot authorize manufacturer refunds, while another may provide refunds if the manufacturer does not meet certain quality standards. Another key component is termination: how many layoffs must take place and what scenarios lead to termination.