Maine Buyer Broker Agreement

We are very pleased that the brokers and brokers of our company are all proud to offer our clients buyers of exceptional and professional clients – the representation of brokers for the State of Maine. The goal of our companies is to always exceed your expectations. I have told the administrator of my intention to terminate my lease, and now the manager refuses to return my deposit. Should I file a complaint with the Commission against the property manager? No no. Real estate transactions involving leasing, leasing or real estate management are NOT real estate agents who require a real estate license in Maine. The Real Estate Commission does not have the authority to intervene on matters related to leasing, leasing or property management. I listed my property with a friend, and now my girlfriend has transferred her license to another company. I want my friend to continue to represent me; Can I complete my friend`s current offer and list of my friend`s new business? The listing contract is between you and the real estate company. You may have been motivated by your relationship with your broker friend to make the list with the company, but the contract remains with the company. The designated broker may, upon request, accept the release, but is not obliged to do so.

I have a real estate purchase agreement that depends on obtaining financing. I was rejected by the bank, and now the realtor says she will not return my $1,000 deposit because the seller claims that I violated the contract and that the down payment should be paid to the seller. Can you help me? In this scenario, the real estate agent acts as an agent of the contribution and is required to comply with the rules of the real estate commission regarding the payment of serious cash deposits in the company`s trust account. Chapter 400, Section 2, paragraph 10, of the Commission`s rules defines the procedure to be followed by the broker when a serious money deposit is made and both parties assert a right to deposit. I contacted a real estate agent to help me find a property, and she told me that I had to sign a buyer representation agreement. I visited real estate a few years ago and I was not required to sign an agreement. Do I have to sign an agreement? Yes, if you ask the broker to represent you in your search for a property, the broker must have you sign a written brokerage contract before the broker can represent you. In addition, the brokerage contract must include at least the terms of the brokerage services to be provided, the nature or amount of compensation to be paid and the expiry date of the contract.

If you don`t ask the broker to represent you, then you don`t have to sign an agreement. If there is a standard brokerage commission in Maine? No no. The amount or type of compensation to be paid for the services of a real estate agent is negotiable between the seller or buyer and the real estate company. The Maine Realtor-Listing Contract is a contract used by real estate agents for the sale of residential or commercial real estate. The agreement sets a time limit within which the broker obtains the right to sell the owner`s property. If the agent is able to find a buyer within the expected time frame, he receives a commission in the form of a percentage of the sale price.