Maurice Blackburn Enterprise Agreement

Your employer must meet all the requirements to provide the notification and consultation contained in your agreement or business bonus before you apply. Enterprise agreements must include a dispute resolution process. This is often the way for an employee (and an employer) to invoke the dispute resolution procedure, especially in cases where it is not a dismissal which, of course, is generally pursued as an unjustified right to dismissal. 9. These terms and conditions are subject to guarantees and commitments that cannot be excluded by law. There is nothing in these conditions that limits, limits or alters any consumer guarantees, rights or corrections granted to you by the Australian Consumer Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or other applicable laws that cannot be excluded, restricted or amended by an agreement. According to Maurice Blackburn, Maurice Blackburn`s liability for breaching such a non-exclusive guarantee is limited to the measure permitted by law: the principles to be applied when entering into agreements are well established. I respect these principles in AMWU/Berri Pty Limited [2017] FWCFB 3005 of [114] and AMIEU/Golden Cockerel Pty Ltd [2014] FWCFB 7447 to [19-41]. In light of the vote on the enterprise agreement reached on November 9, 2016, it took the Fair Work Commission some time to approve the agreement, but this stipulated that the ASU had secured the agreement of MB management on the reimbursement of compensation when the agreement was voted on, so you should have obtained your refund in early December 2016.

7. Any personal data you pass on to Maurice Blackburn (whether it is personal data on your part or another person with the required consents) is subject to Maurice Blackburn`s privacy policy and may be processed in accordance with Maurice Blackburn`s privacy policy. The privacy policy is available at You agree to read the privacy policy, understand its content and accept its requirements by using the website or by contacting Maurice Blackburn. For example, workers whose wages are reduced without their consent may violate contractual rights. Otherwise, the JobKeeper system allows workers and employers to enter into agreements that would allow workers to take half of their annual leave. Your annual leave, severance pay and termination rights are always incurred and calculated as if no agreement had been reached. The default position for annual leave is that it should be agreed between the employer and the worker. For many employees, it depends on what your employment contract says, the award or the enterprise agreement. It may contain a clause allowing your employer to change your obligations, sometimes without your consent. So check your contract or industrial tool (if you have one). Otherwise, your employer, if eligible for JobKeeper payments and eligible for JobKeeper payments, can give direction that changes your obligations.

The USU/ASU knows that our members have been eagerly awaiting a 3-year agreement with many of the basic conditions agreed upon on our initial claim protocol. Unfortunately, the advent of COVID-19 has led to global disruptions and uncertain economic times, which is why the USU/ASU has accepted, as chaired by our accession, a change in negotiations with Maurice Blackburn and a 12-month agreement has been unanimously approved by our members. Part of this agreement guarantees agreement between the parties of a subsidiary letter guaranteeing that negotiations with Maurice Blackburn will resume in 2021 from the date on which COVID-19 took place. In practice, this means that the generally agreed points will take into account the progress made in 2019 and early 2020, but the financial figures and offers that were on the table will have to be reassessed after the pandemic and cannot be guaranteed.