Nars Memorandum Of Agreement

Representatives of the coaches and stable staff on Monday welcomed an agreement between the two parties as an “important step” in reconciling work and private life for racing staff. Coaches are advised to assist race staff in purchasing workwear such as jodhpurs and Jodhpur boots if requested, and to arrange reimbursement in weekly, written and signed sections. 11.2 The full agreement and the schedules and annexes attached to it constitute the overall agreement between the parties on all of the above issues and replace all previous agreements or agreements between the parties with respect to the issues covered in this agreement. The National Joint Council of Stable Personnel (NJC), made up of representatives of the National Trainers Federation (NTF) and the National Racing Staff Association (NARS), said the agreement would create greater flexibility in the structure of working time. 10.1 This agreement may be terminated by any party if it can give the other three months at the latest. The termination by a single member of the ABB has no impact on other parties to the agreement. Following a historic agreement announced by the National Council for Stable Personnel (NJC), important steps have been taken to address the work-life balance of race staff. The agreement, which will be implemented from Monday 10 December, will allow for greater flexibility in the agreement between trainers and their employees. The Rotas previously defined in the agreement were calculated on the basis of a total of 85 hours over a two-week period. The new agreement, ratified by the NJC and which includes representatives of the National Trainers Federation (NTF) and the National Association of Racing Staff (NARS), is based on a 40-hour week with a 4% increase in minimum rates for this period. This is offset by a change in overtime rates.

Overtime on the farm for more than 40 hours to ensure that 7-day horse assistance is paid at a one-and-a-half hour rate. Previously, hours on a Sunday were paid twice. The net effect will depend on specific schemes in each site, but should be 2.2%. George McGrath, CEO of NARS, said, “We commend the NTF for overcoming the final hurdle that allows us to promote this important role in the industry as a career that can be alive, exciting, rewarding and on an equal footing with other professions that enable and enable a modern lifestyle.” For many years, it has been equally important that our members achieve a decent quality of life, and we are delighted to have been able to negotiate this agreement. The requirement of at least five hours on Saturday morning remains an integral part of the standard contract that ensures that instructors are able to provide adequate coverage at the busiest time of the week, although this remains on the NJC`s agenda for monitoring and verification.