Safe Restart Agreement Quebec

The agreement will also directly support Canadian workers, including safe child care, to help parents return to service. It will also provide income assistance for people without paid sick leave and will take steps to protect the most vulnerable, such as Canada`s seniors. Municipalities have a responsibility to provide citizens with certain priority services, such as local public transport and public safety. To get the economy back on track, Canada must ensure that workers do not return to work if they have used COVID-19 or if they have symptoms. “We are optimistic that this agreement will recognize the financial crisis that municipalities are facing in this pandemic,” said the association`s president, Bill Karsten, a Halifax city councillor. This means that emergency assistance, clearly identified and quickly on municipal front lines, will enable us to maintain essential services and prepare for Canada`s economic recovery. Through the agreement reached earlier this summer, the Canadian government announced more than $19 billion in federal funding to help provinces and territories revitalize the economy safely. The provinces and territories were asked in a letter how best to allocate these funds to their legal systems, based on their priorities. The premiers have now tabled the letters and federal funds are transferred to the provinces and territories. Read more: Canada, the United States are extending border closure agreements until August 21 Joint Communiqué – Safe Restart Agreement: Quebec will ensure that conditions are met so that Quebec workers can benefit from this sick leave program while preserving their jobs.

Trudeau said the agreement identifies seven priority areas, with provinces able to apply the money to their specific needs over the next six to eight months. As part of this ongoing cooperation, I am pleased to accept additional federal funding under the Safe Restart Agreement to address critical needs over the next six to eight months. These investments will help protect public health and safety, prepare for a possible new wave of viruses, and support the safe reopening of economies across Canada.