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Cindy Lou Who is a Hit!

"Sostarich brings a warm and loving character to the stage. Lombardo’s script asks for a hell of a lot of the woman in the lead. Sostarich does some very beautiful things with the challenges of the script, which allow her to do lighthearted comedy, heart-crushing

Emojiland Cast Photo

These fabulous people just finished the first week of rehearsals together for Emojiland the Musical the First National Tour! Please visit for ticket and tour information! June 3-5, 2022 Columbus, OH CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, Southern Theater June 10 - 12, 2022 Hartford, CT The Bushnell, Mortensen Hall June


🚨📢INTRODUCING THE CAST OF THE EMOJILAND NATIONAL TOUR!📢🚨 Michael C. Brown (@dontcrossagayman) (he/him) - as SKULL 💀 Allyson Gishi (@ally_gishi) (she/her) - as a SWING 🎭 Dahlya Glick (@oprahwinfreckle) (they/them) - as PERSON IN BUSINESS SUIT LEVITATING🕴 Christopher Hobson (@christopherchobson) (he/they) - as SUNNY 😎 Sarah Isola (@sarah.isola) (she/her) -