Samantha Sostarich

Cindy Lou Who is a Hit!

“Sostarich brings a warm and loving character to the stage. Lombardo’s script asks for a hell of a lot of the woman in the lead. Sostarich does some very beautiful things with the challenges of the script, which allow her to do lighthearted comedy, heart-crushing drama and everything in between in an impressively articulate and […]

Great Reviews for “A Jolly Holiday: Celebrating Disney’s Broadway Hits”

“The whole show is like a career showcase for Samantha Sostarich who, with each solo, justifies to be cast in the actual roles she sings.” – Ryan Jay, “Sostarich, the do-everything glue person here, led one of the night’s great moments: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” with spectacular choreography that had the kids rapidly raising and flipping letters that […]