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Cindy Lou Who is a Hit!

“Sostarich brings a warm and loving character to the stage. Lombardo’s script asks for a hell of a lot of the woman in the lead. Sostarich does some very beautiful things with the challenges of the script, which allow her to do lighthearted comedy, heart-crushing

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Emojiland Cast Photo

These fabulous people just finished the first week of rehearsals together for Emojiland the Musical the First National Tour! Please visit for ticket and tour information! June 3-5, 2022 Columbus, OH CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, Southern Theater June 10 – 12,

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🚨📢INTRODUCING THE CAST OF THE EMOJILAND NATIONAL TOUR!📢🚨 Michael C. Brown (@dontcrossagayman) (he/him) – as SKULL 💀 Allyson Gishi (@ally_gishi) (she/her) – as a SWING 🎭 Dahlya Glick (@oprahwinfreckle) (they/them) – as PERSON IN BUSINESS SUIT LEVITATING🕴 Christopher Hobson (@christopherchobson) (he/they) – as SUNNY 😎

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