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Press Reviews

Who’s Holiday! (2022) – Sunstone Studios – Milwaukee, WI

    • “Sostarich brings a warm and loving character to the stage. Lombardo’s script asks for a hell of a lot of the woman in the lead. Sostarich does some very beautiful things with the challenges of the script, which allow her to do lighthearted comedy, heart-crushing drama and everything in between in an impressively articulate and concise hour with an irresistibly charming character.” – Russ Bickerstaff, ShepherdExpress

A Jolly Holiday: Celebrating Disney’s Broadway Hits – Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI

    • “The whole show is like a career showcase for Samantha Sostarich who, with each solo, justifies to be cast in the actual roles she sings.” – Ryan Jay,
    • “Sostarich, the do-everything glue person here, led one of the night’s great moments: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” with spectacular choreography that had the kids rapidly raising and flipping letters that spelled out the impossible word.” – Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    • “…Samantha Sostarich’s charming Mary Poppins. Her high soprano floats above the company in finale chords and pairs beautifully with Daryn Alexus as the two women channel sisters Elsa and Anna in Frozen’s playful “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” – Gwendolyn Rice
    • “Sostarich also shows an impressive range when she gets the spotlight – whether she’s navigating the stage version of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or considering building a snowman.” – Cathy Jakicic,

Who’s Holiday! (2021) – Sunstone Studios – Milwaukee, WI

    • “Sostarich deftly walks a line between abrasively crass and endlessly endearing as the little girl all grown-up. That she manages to do so while delivering an entire monologue in end rhyme is quite an accomplishment. End rhyme can get really annoying really quickly, but Sostarich handles it beautifully. She’s having a lot of fun with the surface-level comedy.” – Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage
The Taming – Sunstone Studios – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Sostarich is beautifully dazzling as the charismatic, super-heroic leader.” – Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage
The Skylight Sings: A Holiday Special with Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich is at the top of her vocal prowess with “Hard Candy Christmas” from the Broadway hit, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The familiar Skylight performer has never sounded better. (But place your bets now that she will once we all come back to the theater.)” – Harry Cherkinian,
    •“A personal favorite is the quiet, reflective “Hard Candy Christmas,” (performed by Samantha Sostarich) from the Broadway show, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Sostarich’s glittering green dress is also the best outfit among the holiday-themed attire worn by the cast.” – Anne Segel,
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “The cast members who play the adult roles include Skylight favorite Samantha Sostarich as a former spelling bee champ who serves as a judge… All three actors double and sometimes triple their roles, displaying their versatility as artists.” – Anne Segel,
Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical with The Children’s Theater of Madison – Madison, WI
    • “As Matilda’s equally horrifying mother, Samantha Sostarich is deliciously shallow, in gaudy hot pink and lime dresses (accessorized with pink glittery high heels!). Obsessed with winning ballroom dance contests and looking glamorous while she does it… Her brash, coarse ideology is perfectly on display in her personal anthem “Loud.”” – Gwendolyn Rice,
La La Lucille with Third Avenue Playhouse – Sturgeon Bay, WI
    • ” Samantha Sostarich brims with energy and full-on expression as Lucille. She launches a HUGE note to end one number.” – Warren Gerds/Critic at Large,
Nine with Theater RED – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich plays Carla, Guido’s mistress who pines for Contini’s full devotion. Sostarich’s transformation from the provocative woman upstairs into a forsaken lover is tragically honest.” – Kimberly Laberge, The Drama Den
Hairspray with The Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Other standout performances included Samantha Sostarich as the bigoted, underhanded Velma Von Tussle, mother of Amber…” – Catherine Jozwik,
Shinbone Alley with Third Avenue Playhouse – Sturgeon Bay, WI
    • “Takeaway No. 2 from the professional Third Avenue Playhouse’s production of “Shinbone Alley” is Samantha Sostarich is made for the role of Mehitabel. The full voice, the illuminating expression and the carriage and flair of a tattered glamour cat are all there.” – Warren Gerds/Critic at Large,
Annie with Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Carrie Hitchcock comically staggers through the halls of the orphanage as Miss Hannigan, lending her signature textured voice to the bitter lament ‘Little Girls.’ Joined by her brother Rooster (a suave and slick Matt Crowle) and his blonde bombshell girlfriend Lily St. Regis (a brazen Samantha Sostarich), the trio nearly stops the show with their ode to the perfect heist, ‘Easy Street.’” – Gwen Rice, Special to
    • “With Carrie Hitchcock as Miss Hannigan and Matt Crowle as the ever-scheming Rooster and the always delightful Samantha Sostarich in a trio that had all the antagonism and mystery that every criminal enterprise needs. It was a crucial reminder for the audience that it wasn’t all sunshine and balloons in the world of Annie.” – Dave Begel,
Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams with In Tandem Theatre- Milwaukee, WI
    • “In the role of Granny (a Minnie Pearl lookalike complete with price tag dangling from her hideous-looking hat), Samantha Sostarich nearly steals the show. Her bawdy jokes get even bolder as the evening continues. For instance, she sings her own lyrics, “Granny’s Pants Are A-Comin’ on Down,” to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”” – Anne Siegel,
    • “A word has to be said about Sostarich who is rapidly building a reputation as one of the funniest female actors in town. She seems to be able to get into a depth of every character she plays and finds the funny bone just waiting to be tickled. Watching her play the dirty granny, the pleading newsboy and the sultry seductress of Benny is a treat worth an entire evening.” – Dave Begel,
Victory for Victoria with Milwaukee Opera Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Three of Milwaukee’s best and most interesting young women actors were in the cast. Allie Babich, Katy Johnson and the splendid Samantha Sostarich all commanded the stage. Sostarich continues to prove that she is a powerful singer and actor with a special touch for comedy.” – Dave Begel,
Monty Python’s Spamalot with Four Seasons Theatre – Madison, WI
    • “Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek’s gorgeous baritone as Sir Galahad is a great match for his duet partner, Samantha Sostarich and her killer soprano as the Lady of the Lake. One almost wishes they had a standard love song to sing instead of the ironic tongue-in-cheek number “The Song that Goes Like This.” Brassy and bold, Sostarich is a powerhouse, and as she states over and over in the musical, it’s a shame her character doesn’t have more stage time.” – Gwendolyn Rice,
    • “Most of the songs are designed to caustically tweak the conventions of Broadway musicals—numbers like “The Song That Goes like This,” a song that finds Christian Smith-Kotlarek’s manly Sir Galahad and Samantha Sostarich’s diva-esque Lady of the Lake deconstructing the beats of the stereotypically sweeping romantic anthem. Both of them have powerful soaring voices, making this one of the show’s high points.” – Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine
Pirates of Penzance with Skylight Music Theatre (2016) – Milwaukee, WI
    • “The moments were memorable, including one in particular between Benjamin Robinson, who played Frederic and Samantha Sostarich, who played Kate, one of the sisters. Robinson is on the lookout for a woman and slides backward into the unsuspecting and unwilling arms of Sostarich. He leans back and her angst at being trapped was a powerful moment of high comedy.” – Dave Begel,
Goodnight Moon with Children’s Theater of Madison – Madison, WI
    • “As Mouse, Samantha Sostarich is Bunny’s playful companion in mischief. She lends her beautiful singing voice to the only ballad of the show, “North Star,”…” – Gwendolyn Rice,
Boeing Boeing with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “And it (Boeing Boeing) stretches Sostarich, best known for her work in musical theater and terrific in her straight play role here.” – Mike Fischer, Special to the Journal Sentinel
A Cudahy Caroler Christmas with In Tandem Theatre (2014) – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Sostarich steals this show with a torment-filled journey of drinks to keep her calm, including a box of wine tilted back while she lays on her back, shoe polish that leaves a white ring around her mouth and finally a tin container of paint thinner.” – Dave Begel,
The Congo Code (2014) with Kohl’s Wild Theater
    • “…the virtual world (is) also populated by a few different characters played by a couple of different actors. In the performance I saw, Samantha Sostarich and Emmitt Morgans brought a colorful support to the production in those roles.” – Russ Bickerstaff,
Fortuna the Timebender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom (2014) with Milwaukee Opera Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich plays the time-bending superhero, Fortuna, with vocal finesse and posing, comic-book perfection.” – Elaine Schmidt, Special to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    • “Samantha Sostarich, as the bombshell-in-spandex Fortuna, exactly gets the heroic body language and facial expressions of comic-book superherodom. … Sostarich and Stewart’s duet, “Koans,” is as touching as it is funny. – Tom Strini
    • “Samantha Sostarich is stunningly charismatic in the title role. Fortuna is an altruistic crime fighter who can slow time. Sostarich has the traditional golden age super hero form and posture down brilliantly.” – Russ Bickerstaff,
A Cudahy Caroler Christmas with In Tandem Theatre (2013) – Milwaukee, WI
    • “…with Samantha Sostarich creating a scene-stealing Trixie Schlaarb.” – Eliane Schmidt, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Pump Boys and Dinettes with Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Sostarich gets to shine, with “The Best Man,” a ballad in the best country tradition that shows off her elegant voice.” – Matthew Reddin,
Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The School Girls of Doom (2012) with The Milwaukee Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich brings capable singing and good-natured fun to the grinning, posing role of Fortuna.” – Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    • “Blond bombshell Samantha Sostarich, in red unitard and golden boots, knows her way around the Lexicon of Heroic Poses. She strikes them earnestly, self-consciously, hilariously. “ – Tom Strini, Third Coast Digest
    • “As the title character, Samantha Sostarich carries herself with more sympathetic dignity than anyone in a flame-red leotard and gold lame gauntlets should be able to.” – Jeff Grygny, Milwaukee Theatre Examiner
Dames at Sea with Skylight Music Theatre – Milwaukee, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich is the brassy Joan, a no-nonsense, heart-of-gold chorus girl, who’s been around… Sostarich’s vocal power, likewise, reflects Joan’s presence and attitude in ‘Good Times are Here to Stay.'” – Kat Murrell,
    • “Samantha Sostarich, playing the chorister Joan, gives the proceedings a jolt of energy every time she opens her mouth.” – David Lewellen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with UW-Madison Theatre – Madison, WI
    • “Samantha Sostarich, as princessy Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere (her surname is a cumbersome mix of her dads’ names), is also perfectly cast. Her mannerisms reminded me a bit of Mary Katherine Gallagher, the old Molly Shannon character from Saturday Night Live, but Sostarich’s fantastic voice is all her own. … “ – Jennifer A. Smith, Isthmus (Madison, WI)
    • “Our six competitors run the gamut from the homeschooled hippie kid, Leaf Coneybear, to the hyperactive, overachieving girl who looks like a sparkly Disney princess. Yet Putnam doesn’t paint these characters as simplistically as you might expect: that blond, crinolined princess is a mini-feminist sporting a “Keep Abortion Legal” button. She’s also got two dads (she declares, solemnly, “Jesus had two fathers…think about it”). “ – Jennifer A. Smith, Isthmus (Madison, WI)
The Producers with The Shorewood Players – Shorewood, WI
    • “As Swedish femme fatale Ulla, Samantha Sostarich makes a demanding role seem effortless. Ulla is at once innocent, sexy, manipulative and clever. Sostarich conveys it through with broad range from subtle hip movements and quiet cooing through brassy vocal belting and lively dancing.” – Dominic Davis,
    • “Samantha Sostarich definitely gets our attention in her steamy portrayal of Ulla.” – Julie McHale,
Side by Side with Sondheim with The Beloit New Court Theatre – Beloit, WI
    • “Woman Two, is Samantha Sostarich. She is a doll with long hair, and a dancer’s body – but boy, can she sing. She has a patter song where she explains that she is not getting married today that stops the show. A good friend of mine who has directed a lot of good talent over the years remarked “She nailed it.” The demands of the various songs she does are met with energy, charm, and emotion.” – Carl Balson, The Daily News (Beloit, WI)