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Skylight Closes Season with Pro-Woman ‘Pirates of Penzance’

Check out this article by Amanda Sullivan for the Shepherd Express about Skylight Music Theatre’s season closer.

“New York City-based American theater and opera director Shawna Lucey will make her Skylight debut as stage director of Pirates of Penzance.

‘When Viswa Subbaraman, Skylight Music Theatre’s artistic director, called me about directing Pirates of Penzance as a kind of feminist or pro-woman piece, I laughed and thought, ‘I don’t know about all that now,’” says Lucey. “But then the more I dug into the text, the more I was able to find that the women in the piece are very strong. There’s a second title to the piece, The Slave of Duty, and in my staging you’ll see that the men are slaves to their duty. The women are the ones who can bend the rules for themselves so that they can reach happiness.'”

Read the full article here.