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Oh, Fortuna

Oh Fortuna: A Superhero Operetta "Samantha Sostarich is stunningly charismatic in the title role. Fortuna is an altruistic crime fighter who can slow time. Sostarich has the traditional golden age super hero form and posture down brilliantly." Read more from HERE

The Fortuna Reviews Are In

Milwaukee Opera Theatre's 'Fortuna' even funnier second time around "Samantha Sostarich plays the time-bending superhero, Fortuna, with vocal finesse and posing, comic-book perfection." Read more from Journal Sentinel: HERE Milwaukee Opera Theatre: Comic (Book) Opera "Samantha Sostarich, as the bombshell-in-spandex Fortuna, exactly gets the heroic body language and facial

Fortuna is Back!

Did you miss it the first time? We're going to help you out by doing it again! "An irresistible blend of unlikely influences - Comic Books, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Rock Musicals." ~Tom Strini Fortuna is back in all its primary-colored glory, fully restored and digitally re-mastered.